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On this page you will find an summary of the Municipal Election Programme by the centre party "Keskusta" in Vantaa. If you want to get more details from us, you can reach us through the following ways.
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Municipal election program 2021

Our key values, based on how we want to develop Vantaa:

We want to act responsibly and sustainably. This means go for equality between people, regions, a strong economy and the well-being of nature.

We defend the weaker population, we want a better childhood and youth for our children, and for our seniors, the opportunity to grow old with dignity.

We want society and its services to be trusted.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to develop themselves, both in terms of culture and fitness.

We believe that respecting and involving neighbours in our activities will prevents exclusion and violence.

We want to make an impact by working together with the people. The centre party is proactive, and at same time a solution finder.

The centre party is visible in our everyday life. We listen to residents and take their concerns seriously.

The Centre party's political objectives for the 2021-2025 Council term


- The effects of the decisions made on children are considered in all activities. Children are involved in planning and giving feedback. Support for home care for children should be maintained at least at the current level.

- Kindergarten children are guaranteed the opportunity to enjoy nature daily.

- Vantaa is developing teachers' digital skills. The opportunities brought by distance learning are used in teaching.

- Schools invest in hobby clubs that create equal opportunities for hobbies and self-development.

- School meals quality problems will be fixed. Finnish food is preferred.

- The canter party acts as a co-ordinator of co-operation to eliminate indoor air problems in schools

- Vantaa invests in the study and employment opportunities of its foreign-speaking population

- During the term of office, the possibilities of launching academic higher education in Vantaa will be explored.


- The economic development of Vantaa must be stabilized. City property must not be sold, instead it should be possible to increase the returns to the city without raising the cost of housing.

- The city must delay major transport investments. More funds are needed for tram way in Vantaa, and other competing and ecological alternatives still need to be considered.

- The centre party wants to develop the City's competitive expertise and the management skills of supervisors. This saves money and creates a better working atmosphere.

- The centre party wants the city to invest in business conditions. Successful companies create jobs, wealth and tax revenue. Business networking in the areas of energy and environmental services will be promoted. Entrepreneurship and managing one's own finances must be included in studies from upper secondary school.

- Where possible, small players in the vicinity are considered in service purchases.


During the construction of housing ,the needs of the different stages of life of the residents must be considered too and not only, the goals of the investors. New residential areas will ensure the existence of services from the outset.

- The Centre party pays attention to the supply of affordable rental housing.

- Driving is not hampered - reasonable parking must still be available everywhere.

- Vantaa favours wood construction. It is a Finnish style.

- Vantaa promotes and supports renovations that improve the energy efficiency of housing. This will also ensure that the value of old homes is maintained.

- Recycling is also made easy in sparsely populated areas.

- When building a new one, the existing building stock is respected.


- The Centre party wants to ensure that the Sote reform improves the service to citizens. In connection with the reform, municipal decision-makers must ensure that total costs do not increase and that staff resourcing, and workload remain at a reasonable level.

- The centre party pays attention to careers positions and ensure the resilience in their valuable work.

- Volunteering by senior citizens is socially significant. The centre party wants to encourage seniors to take an active part in their activities.


- The Centre party is committed to Vantaa's carbon neutrality 2030 goal. Progress has been made on energy production, but the city will need to invest more in geothermal and geothermal energy, small wind farms, solar energy, biogas and waste heat recovery.

- The city must play an active role in guiding city dwellers to make choices that support carbon neutrality.

- Carbon neutrality increases Vantaa's attractiveness in competition with other cities in the Helsinki metropolitan area and thus ultimately improves the city's economy..